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Sunday, May 8, 2011

::Enough is Enough::

Another empy promise, Good intentions from the start,You failed to mention, Our love would be this hard,I'm tired of talkin', Don't have nothing left to say,Maybe sometime we'll sift through the ashes one day.I can't lean on you, Cause I'll fall right over,Can't count on you, It doesn't add up,I see we're through and the truth is pretty sober,This is going no where, Enough is enough.The hardest part, in my choice to leave,Was not quite knowin' what I achieved,But now I know, I can be stronger on my own,That's what sleepless nights and only God have shown,
I made up my mind I won't have a change of heart.I've removed myself from every single part of you

You Hurt Me Enough.Enough is enough!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

::sometimes words don't mean that much,I won't speak at All::

There I was waiting for a chance
Hoping that you'll understand
The things I wanna say

As my love went stronger than before
I wanna see you more and more
But you closed your door

Why don't you try
To open up your heart
I won't take so much of your time

I believed what you said to me
We should set each other free
That's how you want it to be

But my love went stronger than before
I wanna see you more and more
But you closed your door
Why don't you try to open up your heart
I won't take so much of your time

P/s:Sometimes words don't mean that much..

Friday, April 22, 2011

"What goes around comes Around" Karma?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of karma is the concept of "action" or "deed". So it refers to positive and negative experiences.

The meaning of karma simply refers to the process of cause and effect. Action causes reaction. Whatever you do, something will happen.

It is important to follow the principle of treating others as you would like to be treated. In other words, if you do bad things to others, it will return to you. Remember the expression "what goes around comes around". There is a reaction to everything you do in life.

So anger begets anger, love begets love. I know this sounds simplistic. But if you remember chemistry, like attracts like and negativity repels. It's all very basic. So 'love thy neighbor' and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'

The next time you think there is only one in a million people out there that can make you happy, then what you sow is what you'll reap. When you finally meet that one in a million, they won't please you, because you're so darn picky and hard to please, which keeps you from being around people. Try to associate with people who can allow you to grow. Learn to cooperate and be patient with others. Stop being so darn psychic and intuitive, and stop calling various people to get advice about your relationships. Why let others make choices for you? Recognize the people you love being around, those who are a reflection of yourself, and then manifest something beautiful. People are like plants; they will turn into weeds if you don't cultivate them. If you water them, nurture them, talk to them, and cuddle them, then perhaps you will create a better relationship and a better reflection of your own self.

A problem that many couples experience in today's society occurs when people get involved elsewhere and thereby overlap relationships.One aspect in relationships is having that self love, which allows you to reflect a mutual respect and self esteem on other people. It's difficult to have respect for other people if they try to come into your life with unclear relationships.

People will ask why I'm single or not going with anyone? First of all, is to look into yourself.
I definitely sure you will find the answer why! To be a good vehicle for a relationship, both partners should have an understanding that the other party is clear of any attachments. In any relationship, it doesn't guarantee they are going to remain faithful.That's where truth comes in. If a new entry, a new candidate, comes into the field? The answer is in yourself~~

Also learn to let go. Relationships come and go, we're human and they don't always work. Often, they never work. All things pass. Even if you're happily married, people do die or people move on, things change—so you have to be ready to let go, and process them. You have to be able to say to yourself logically, this doesn't look as if it's going to work, and always come back to the relationship with yourself.

Let go of those separated relationships that you still have dear feelings for. It is so important to finally let go of those feelings, that have been cursing you. We call this unrequited love. If you have unprocessed relationships, it's because you're still plugged in, or connected to someone, and they are not connected to you. They have hurt you, so there's a Karma there, but the Karma is always with yourself. It's not with the world. The Karma center is inside you. The only way you can make a peace with that person that hurt you, is to make a piece with yourself. When you do that it's clear, it's that simple.

To clear oneself of certain attachments, and be happy in future relationships, requires certain processing. You have to remove the physical. Sometimes removing all the pictures that you have; out of the wallets, off the walls. The gifts received, even the car they've given you; sell it. Whatever reminds you of this person, and holds you to the stimulus of this relationship, get rid of it, dump it. Don't have this casual sexual affair with them, or even shake hands with them, stay away. Change your phone number, which may seem cruel for a while, but until you're clear of this internal Karma, you're going to be an unstable vehicle for future relationships. So remove the physical with the person you haven't processed.

Emotionally, when loving someone, you feel weak, vulnerable, and that the love has gotten hold of your life, then you have to process it. If there's an anger or hate process, a lot of crying, and screaming, then there's denial, a denial of the facts and ones' emotions. You know one time I cried every day for one months, almost all day. It takes that long when you really fall in love deep. There is a side to me, within me, including my guides and my higher self. They said, Max, we don't want you like this, you don't want to be like this, you're not going to get 'D****'. I was in denial where you don't want to accept the facts. It's the same when you're a drug addict, or a dope addict, or a relationship is over, or your son or your daughter is using drugs, or the marriage is over, denial, everyone has it. You have to get over that denial, and accept the facts and process the emotions.

The Karma of love is when we are foolish, insecure, or lonely enough to think that we must seek love outside our own self; when in truth we are truly bonded to all beings.It is perfectly acceptable to have a romantic love with another individual, but if you choose to have romantic love with more than one at a time then that's your problem. I think one of the Karma's of diseases such as AIDs or V.D. is when people are trying to find this love outside their self, by having lustful sex, they are misusing their bodies to do it. They are so insecure, there is a vacuum inside and they become obsessed with trying to find love outside of themselves and they end up killing themselves doing it. Of course it is a different story by contracting the disease through birth, or transfusion of blood.

I have learned to become happier when I have learned to enjoy my solitude,instead of having to go out and find the people. If I could share that vibration with you I think you could find the true key to happiness. You could plug into that God-force inside yourself that I am talking about.

P/S:Don't Ever Hurt Someone That Love You But You Did Not Love Them.Because Someone That You Love Will Do The Same Instead.

I will hold on to my PROMISE, even when we DISSEVER, you're my LAST LOVE

Please don't cry. My last apperance can't be blurred like this.
If you still have tears left then give them all before you leave.
Since I know that you won't leave if I say don't go,
I turn around from you and leave first so that you're heart can be at ease.

No, I'm not letting you go because I didn't love you more than the love inside of you.
I'm letting you go along with myself so that you can be happy beside ******

Becuase I know that if you know that I'm not in this world you'd cry,
forget me in his embrace so that you won't ever look for me.

Loving you, even if you can't see me, doesn't been its disappeared.
If my life is approved as much as the days I spent missing you, I'm going to
wait for you within my heart.

Loving you, might be the last thing I can do.
Inside this world my unique trace will become time where I can stay by your side.

P/S: I've try my best for you and your words "As long as we know we LOVE each other" keep shadow in my mind. And Those "STUPID DRAMA" as you said has destroyed my HEART. Enough is Enough.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

MaYbe it's Time To Change

Maybe I'm a dreamer
Maybe I'm misunderstood
Maybe you're not seeing the side of me you should

Maybe I'm crazy
(Maybe I'm crazy)
Maybe I'm the only one
(Maybe I'm the only one)
Maybe I'm just out of touch
Maybe I've just had enough

Maybe it's time to change
And leave it all behind
I've never been one to walk alone
I've always been scared to try
So why does it feel so wrong
To reach for something more

To wanna live a better life
What am I waiting for?
'Cause nothing stays the same
Maybe it's time to change
Maybe it's hopeless
(Maybe it's hopeless)

Maybe I should just give up
(Maybe I should just give up)
What if I can't trust myself?
What if I just need some help?

Maybe it's time to change
And leave it all behind
I've never been one to walk alone
I've always been scared to try

So why does it feel so wrong
To reach for something more
To wanna live a better life
What am I waiting for?
'Cause nothing stays the same
Maybe it's time to change

And maybe it's time to change
And leave it all behind
I've never been one to walk alone
I've always been scared to try

And maybe it's time to change
And leave it all behind
I've never been one to walk alone
I've always been scared to try
So why does it feel so wrong

To reach for something more
To wanna live a better life
What am I waiting for?
'Cause nothing stays the same
Maybe it's time to change
'Cause nothing stays the same

Maybe it's time to change

Sabahans/Sarawakian are weak in english??

been in Kuala Lumpur for some Months now, and hell its like uhm, you know.. typical Stress City of S** HuHu..

The curfews were as usual.. as fuck as always. I have this 'DRAMA' which is a Normally for those "freshmen". Uhh, i don't want to say more cause it makes my brain itch.

My New Job were great. I enjoy Working and speak foreign languages as well as english. Anyway, there were this business people Approach me and my friends while Lepaking at KLCC this past few days promoting this so-called language kits to improve our english. They said if we buy this product, in 3 weeks we can speak like a native speaker. hahahaha.

I saw one of the businessman ask one of My Friends and shockingly he say this to him "i would say, your pronunciation is quite bad, but with this kit, there's no doubt that you'll speak like a native speaker in no time".

Seriously, for me.. I don't believe in such crap since they speak MALAY while promoting this stuff!! haha. How can they convince us that their pronunciations were as great as what they promised through that kit of theirs? Seriously. haha. YES, they did interviewed me too. A lady start to call me, "boy, sini kau.." haha. malay.

Then she started to ask me, "how many language can u speak toilet?". Then I said, "ce suo (as in mandarin), banyo (as in tagalog), toilette (as in french), toire (as in japan, and tandas (as in malay)". Then, shockingly, she said.. "no, no, no.. see how uneducated you are in english." . Seriously, i'm in the state of confusion. Then she said something in malay , "ape ayat lain yg u boleh sebut tandas selain dari TOILET in english?". haha. Then I was, "OHHHHHHHH. you mean like toilet / lavatory / bathroom / restroom / powder room / gents / ladies / loo / bog / dunny / little boys'/girls' room??". Then she was like, "yeahhh". then she went speechless for a while. haha.

She was totally so wrong when she said 'how many language'. I would ask, is it me or you who is uneducated? bitch. I was so pissed with that bitch. haha.

Since they heard me speaking in an american accent, they said this to me. American English is informal and we sound like a typical Malaysian when we spoke that way. haha. I know American English is informal, but when they said typical Malaysian?? uhh, they don't even sound like me when they try to speak english. She sounds more like someone who tries to put an accent in their malaysian accent english. LAME. totally lame. Then I did mentioned that Malaysian Education system is currently using British english and everyone knows that. But then, they object my statement once again. They said, Malaysian people mostly use the American english, the BROKEN ENGLISH. Isn't the broken english was supposed to be malaysian english? we knew that right.

They even asked me to say picturesque, bureau, lacroix and debris. And of course i can say them correctly. Then i tried to ask them what's the correct pronunciation for lingerie? ( I pretended not to know) And frustratingly, they say 'lin-je-ri'.. ouch, it was supposed to sound 'lan-ZHREE'. Then, i said, "OHHH, begitu pula KAK, thankiu lah." For motherfuckingsake, I think these stupid so-called business people should get an english class.

P/S: I remembered one of the say, "You Datang kat KL Kerja.. English EDUCATION 2 Penting Taw... Kite tengok banyak orang sabah/sarawak tak leh cakap english ngan betui."

To be fuckingly honest, I am offended.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


::Nak Kuar POn Sempat Nak poZ::

JumaaT Lepas 19/07/08 Max n 3 g org 'Classmate' g Melaka..trip tuk 'assigment'..
malam 2 sebelum bertolak macam2 jadi..sabar jela..kiteorg bertolk dari Kangar lebih kurang dalam jam 1 cam tu laa..singgah kat sg. perak isi minyak jap..'then' singgah g kat restoren jejantas sg. buluh..'plan' nak 'breakfast' tp x makan pon..ambik gambar je lebih haha..pas tue kteorang pon menuju ke destinasi utama kami(skemanye ayat)haha..Alamak!!! santan da abez.."pale otak hang" minyak da bagi 'warning' da..singgah la kat ayer hitam jup isi minyak..mamat banglah 2 plak wat lawak huh 'penampak maw'.kami pon teruskanlah perjalanan..hurayyy...akhirnye sampai gak melaka lebih kurang dalam kol 8 lebih la cam tue..sampai2 tue g cari hotel..full la plak..petang jap g bru ada..perut da 'mizkol' da nie..jom la makan lu..makan la kat satu restaurant 2..sedap gak nasi lemak dye..kenyang wok...kenyang2 gak nak taw ape yg jd?? pagi2 buta da kena saman..huh!! xde kupon parking..macam2!! g la cari tempat nak bayar saman 2. Pas bayar kiteorg g survey2 hotel kat area2 bandar melaka tue..peerghhh!!! letih siot xde hotel yg vouge2!! bajet tol..xde lah xde hotel yg ngan ngam bujet kiteorg(mesti ikut bujet wok)pusing punya pusing kol 1 lebih bru dapat chek in(x larat pon wat2 larat jela)chek in je trus rest jap,mandi2 n siap2 nak kuar plak..(x penat ke??)ape leh wat kena ikut 'plan' gak..xde mase nak 'rest2' nie..


:: Ika NAk Gak Same tinggi Ngan AKu::

Masa ni bru je lepas 'lunch' kat mcD..Kat c 2 gak la member aku 'touching' iskh3x serbah salah tol aku masa 2(salah faham je smua tue) papepon sory la kat member ak sorang 2..ok stop cite 2..pas makan je kiteorang jalan kat area2 bandar melaka..jom tengok kat mane je kiteorang g>>lets chek it out...>>

::Depan A'Famosa::

::Letih wok>>kEEp MainTaiN::

::Maceh Bro TolonG ambiK GamBaR::

::Jom Balik>>::

::Letih Rest JuP::

::Bajet Ayu yG Depan TuE::

okey la..da letih da round2 malam jap g la sambung lain letih wok...sebelum balik kiteorang singgah kat food court megamall dataran pahlawan jup minum2..pas 2 gerak balik..perrghh..boleh lah tahan x penat pon(cover2 tenyehh saT g)hahaha..sampai je hotel ak terus landing baek punya..zack mandi kot yang 2 orang gurl 2 dyeorg wat ape kat cela bedah mane aku pon x taw..keja aku tidoq..zzzzzz..

::Di Malam Hari::

Hurayy...bestnye dapat tidoq..aku nie lepas tidoq je mula la jadi hyperactive..besa lah aku nie ada sijil spm(sijil Paku Memaku)hahah..zack gak yang jadi mangsanya..(korang sabo jela)jangan tenyeh ak dah 2 bangun je kiterorang siap2 nak kuar makan..cepat2 aku lapaq nie..huhu..ika ajak kiteorang g makan kat ngan bayview hotel..ika n zack makan chiken chop(sedap siot murah plak 2)aku n che pah makan nasi goreng je x layan western2 nie(cover..padahal wit xde)hahaha..jimat2..nasib baik lagi xde sape antara kiteorang tinggal kat melaka,kalau x lagi save budjet...(x yah kuar duit)anyway jom makan lu>>>

::Chiken Chop RM6.50::

::Nasi GorenG jeW::

::RM2 jew bEb::

Kenyangnye makan..da2 jangan buang masa...jom jalan..(klu iye pon g la bayah dulu) iskh3x pas je bayar,kiteorang g jonker walk nak shopping2 la konon..dyeorang jela shoppin ak tengok jela..xde mood nak shopping...tapi best gak la kat c 2..barang semua murah2..(murah kalau xde wit xde guna gak)hahaha....jalan kat c 2 lebih kurang 2 jam gak la..letih...(ko ingat ko je letih) lek la beb awal g la...x remaja la cam nie..hahaha..

::Tak Dapat Beli Pon Ambik gambar Pon cukup Lah::

aku ajak che pah g kat kipas besar kat melaka 2..2 orang 2 celah bedah mane aku x taw..tetiba je hilang..beakar gak la punggung tggu kak zakiah n kartikah 2..(sempat g ak jadi jurukemera tuk orang kat c 2) 10 tahun kemudian 2 org 2 pon datang la tergedek2..(tenyeh bru taw)huhu gurau je..ambik ati pon xpe!! dyeorg datang bru la ak dapat poz kat c 2..dapat gak ambik gambar kat c 2..(tunggu g upload kat ms trus>>) pulun angat ehhh....

::Che pah N Max::

ring2 ape ke jadah ntah bunyi fon ika ak pon x taw...kezen dye kol..x lama 2 dyye ajak lepak pantai..ika g jumpa kezen dye,z g jumpe scandale dye..aku ngan che pah dok ngah2..(sadis kot) aku ngan che pah pon kot jela bontot dyeorang nak wat hal sendiri pon x taw nakl g mane..jom lepak pantai sekali...z g ngan member dye 2 (kononnye) huhu z touching la 2...

::ika N kzeN Dye::

dalam 15 mint gak la nak g pantai 2..pantai ape aku pon tak taw...kiteorang lepak minun2 je kat c 2..lepas 2 balik hotel>>da nak balik 2 faham2 jela...jom tido..ZzzzZzz..

::hari ke2::

Uwaaa...Pagi 2 ak tejaga..tu diaaa..nak haiiii nak dkat kol 11 da..aku trus kejut z suh dye mandi..zack mandi ni bekurun gak la nak tunggu..ntah ape dye wat dalam 2 tak taw..(ehem2) 2 org gurl 2 suh siap..siap je z mandi ak trus mandi..pas mandi kemas2 n siap2 coz nak chek out..nak bertolak g KL..Cepat2 jom gerak guys..pagi 2 kiteorang chek out 10 mint g nak kol 12..pas 2 otw nak g kL 2 tetiba nampak mcD dekat ngan Taman Buaya..ape lagi singgah jup nak breakfast...jom makan kawan2..(walaupun perut da boroi) yang lain la...badan ak 8pax haha(perasan tol dak nie)...

::Nak ChekOut Kat TrenD HoteL::

:: joM teNgok KiteorG makaN::

::Makan Jela Cover2 G::

Lepas breakfast 2 kiteorang singgah kat Taman Buaya juP..alang2 da g kat c 2 xkn nak tengok dari luar jew..tegedek2 la 4 orang nie..excited nak masuk rumah hantu kat taman 2..(bajet berani la konon) huh hampess...korang taw x lawak gile cpah n zack sampai pucat lesit masuk rumah hantu 2..aku pon takut gak tapi x lah se over 2 orang 2..yang ika wat rilek mentang2 da penah g..huh..sampai teguling2 kat dalam 2..iskhh3x..baru masuk nak patah balik ape da chaaaa!! sampai orang 2 suh kuar g masa da abez gara2 xnk kuar..lawak2..lain kali nak p lagi X?hua3x...

::Encemnye Bdak Nie x Sampai Hati Nak Makan::

::Depan NIe Boleh La ExsyeN masOk TenGok::

::taw takot uwaaa::

::cam banduan la plak hahah::
Kuar je dari rumah hantu 2..x larat da nak round2 kat taman 2..alamatnye jom la kite berangkat pulang..huhu..ok guys cite kat melaka sampai kat c nie jew..nanti aku cite mase kiteorang kat kL plak yew..Thanks Kawan2 jangan lupa memori kite>>last but not least>>nak haiiiiiiiiiii.......Daaa


PeRSaHaBaTaN YaNg SeJaTi aKaN MeMBaWa KeRiNDuaN YaNg aBaDi. SeSuNgGuHnYa PeRSaHaBaTaN iTu LeBiH uNgGuL DaRi PeRCiNTaaN, TaNPa PeRSaHaBaTaN PeRCiNTaaN aKaN BeRaKHiR TeTaPi TaNPa PeRCiNTaaN, PeRSaHaBaTaN BoLeH KeKaL. oLeH iTu HaRGaiLaH PeRSaHaBaTaN YaNg TeRJaLiN. HaNTaRLaH PeSaNaN iNi KePaDa oRaNg YaNg aNDa TiDaK aKaN LuPa DaN HaNTaRKaN JuGa KePaDa oRaNg YaNg MeNgHaNTaR PeSaNaN iNi JiKa aNDa MeNgHaRGai PeRSaHaBaTaNNya. iNi aDaLaH PeSaNaN PeNDeK uNTuK MeNyaTaKaN YaNg aNDa SeNTiaSa MeNgiNGaTiNya. KaLaU aNDa TiDaK MeNgHaNTaR PeSaNaN iNi, BeRMaKNa aNDa SuDaH MeLuPaKaN KaWaN-KaWaN aNDa. aMBiLLaH SeDiKiT MaSa uNTuK MeNgiNGaTi KaWaN-KaWaN yG SeNTiaSa MeMBeRi SoKoNgaN uNTuK aNDa..